There is only one thing you need to know



You Can Dissolve Your Worry  By Yourself


Are you tense, nervous, stressed, afraid and have worry and anxiety about-

Your Success,  Your Relationships,  Your Finances,  Your Power, Your Safety

Do you seem to be talking to yourself and always asking those pesky why questions like-

Why am I not  attractive or even appealing ?

Why I am not losing that weight I want to?

Why am I looking  older than I really am?

Why do I always seem to have problems or always sick ?


Why am I not attracting the right guy(girl)?

Why do I always lose the guy (girl) that I really want?

Why can’t I leave this crappy  relationship? Why can’t I get out of it?

Why does my  significant other want to leave me? What’s wrong with me?


Why is my money gone 1 week before my next paycheck?

Why can’t I get  the money  I want or even the money I need? 

Why is my debt is getting bigger? 

Why can’t I get ahead?


Why am I going nowhere at work ?

Why is everyone else getting raises and promotions?

Why am I always performing so poorly?

Why am I so stupid?

You do not need any clever,deep analysis of these self-generated questions. You know and sense your anxiety.The immediate and end result of your anxiety is felt by you. It is felt by you daily, perhaps minute by minute in terms of your –

  • Confusion
  • Indecisiveness
  • Fogginess
  • Un-Happiness
  • Tension & Tenseness
  • Irritability
  • Moodiness
  • Sadness
  • Lack of Vital Energ


Stop right now, and thinkif your worry or anxiety were extinguished or diminished to irrelevance, what would you feel like? How would you feel if that worry  was erased completely from you?  You would have-

CLARITY   knowing exactly what you want and how to get it.

ENERGY    to effortlessly do what you want.

EASE   being both relaxed and centered.

LIGHTNESS     without constant physical tension

JOY    simply being alive as you are.

LOVE    for yourself

YOUR ANXIETY & WORRY  CAN BE ELIMINATED  and you don’t need to numb yourself with alcohol or drugs or even medications. You don’t need to merely learn ways to cope with or manage anxiety. You don’t need to find ways to improve your thinking. There are  viable approaches, real-time  solutions, found within the umbrella of Energy Psychology (EP).

Within EP there are a plethora of approaches  including, to name but a few, Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), TAPAS,  NET, Phoenix Effect, EFTA, and  other Releasing Techniques. EFT and TFT are the most used and the most employed in 100+ peer reviewed published studies.

While the many EP approaches have some things in common, all agree that there is a  fundamental premise in Energy Psychology This is that the cause of all stuck negative emotions ,like worry and anxiety, is the person’s continuing disruptive energy field.


Now there is a new and unique approach that  builds upon certain aspects of EP,  but also then  creates a monumental advance by combining  the best  of many different and diverse  methods. The  method is greater than the sum of allof  the components. This is critical, but it is a breakthrough since    you, by yourself,  are going to do it. It is a way for you to resolve your Anxiety ,by yourself,with no other person needed. This method is called REIN (Resolving Emotional Issues Now) .


REIN ( Resolving E-motional Issues Now) is the amazing new method that you use yourself  for your anxiety or associated  “stuck “ negative E-motional issues . You  create solutions in the present moment. Your solutions and changes are created BY YOU in minutes and hours, ,not in months or years. You are not relying on another person, nor authority : only you , yourself. REIN is new and a masterful blend of many Energy Psychology (EP) approaches , as well as AppliedKinesiology(AK) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It uses your body’s Energy systems. It does not rely on your thinking,your improved thinking , your clever mental processes, nor your mind’s agility, not your intelligence, not even your experience. Let’s leave the technical details aside.

The very core of REIN is that you are discharging that disruptive energy field that is associated with your worry or anxiety. With that disturbed field gone so to is the worry or anxiety.

Additional informational videos

Dr Kenley  interview ,in 2014, in  Nairobi ,Kenya  on GBS TV ,discussing Energy Psychology, his REIN process and his work with children  at rehabilitation school in Kbete.

Dr Kenley with  live interview on their morning show  in Nairobi (2013) on NTV , Kenya’s number one TV station,  discussing energy psychology in general.