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Erase Your Worry or Anxiety & You Will Get The Relationships, Finances or Successes That You Want.


Relationships :

We want strong relationships. We would like them with our parents or our children, our colleagues and our friends.  But more critically, we want intimate connection with another person. This natural pursuit is universal. Finding the right one, staying with the right one, or getting a new one is a constant theme running through our consciousness. If you have been less than successful, what questions might you be asking yourself  these unworthy questions:

  • Why am I not attractive or even appealing?
  • Why I am not losing that weight I want to?
  • Why am I looking older than I really am?
  • Why do I always seem to have problems with dating?


  • Why am I not attracting the right guy(girl)?
  • Why do I always lose the guy (girl) that I really want?
  • Why can’t I leave this crappy relationship? Why can’t I get out of it?
  • Why does my significant other want to leave me? What’s wrong with me?

Finances :

Money, either getting more, growing more, or keeping more, is usually on everyone’s mind most of the time. It is also a measuring device in determining where we are in life.This is true for third world citizens as well as the rest of us in the first world. So perhaps you’re not accomplishing this as you would like. Do you find yourself asking  the likes of these defeating  questions?


  • Why is my money gone 1 week before my next paycheck?
  • Why can’t I get the money I want or even the money I need?
  • Why is my debt is getting bigger?
  • Why can’t I get ahead?


  • Why can’t I save? Save even  for retirement?
  • Why is everyone else  making more than me, even getting raises?
  • Why do I spend so much?
  • Why do I  feel so stupid about money?
  • Why cant I stay on a budget?
  • Why do I feel insecure about money?

Success :

Success for each of us is defined in many ways. In general, it’s related to accomplishing specific goals related to education, work, money, physical prowess, relationships. Each of us can have specific goals in some or all the areas. It is up to each of us.  Given that,  and we do not seem to be achieving , then do we  continually ask  ourselves such defeating things like …


  • Why am I going nowhere at work?
  • Why am I worth less than “X,” who seems incompetent?
  • Why am I not getting a  promotion?
  • Why cant’t I get good grades in school?
  • Why do I fail at trying new businesses?


  • Why can’t I meet my goals?
  • Why can’t I maintain a good healthy relationship?
  • Why am I not respected?
  • Why am I such a klutz athletically at everything
  • Why am I always performing so poorly?


REIN is the solution-the how  that can you erase your worry and anxiety.

Your “How ” is a solution called REIN and it is a pioneering breakthrough.The answer is not about  positive thinking or is it about talking or analyzing. Talk Is Never Enough. It is not about drugs,legal or recreational. Drugs Never Work . Your answer is  called REIN (Resolving Emotional Issues Now). It  is a new and unique approach, that uses some aspects of energy  psychology, and combines  this with the best of many different and diverse approaches.   So, REIN  is greater than the sum of all of its components. It is a breakthrough since it is DIY,easy,rapid  and enduring.

REIN  is the amazing new method that you use yourself for your  stress, worry or anxiety and its associated “stuck “negative Energy Field-Complex . The core principal action of REIN is that you are discharging that disruptive energy field that is associated with your  stress, worry or anxiety. With that disturbed field gone, so to is the stress,  worry or anxiety rapidly.  REIN is a masterful blend of many Energy Psychology (EP) approaches , as well as AppliedKinesiology (AK) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). With REIN  you physically alter will  your body’s energy systems.

REIN can eliminate stress, worry and anxiety. It is not going to take weeks , months or years. And this is not about having you merely learn ways to cope with or manage these three. You don’t need to find ways to improve your thinking.

REIN embodies a fundamental premise of Energy Psychology, namely – the cause of all stuck negative emotions (like  stress, worry and anxiety) is the person’s continuing “disruptive” energy field complex.  REIN is about you learning how to change that disrupted energy field complex back to a balanced one.  You will physically do this by yourself , with a bare minimum of thinking.


Dr Kenley discussing REIN

Dr Kenley interview, in 2014, in Nairobi, Kenya on GBS TV, discussing Energy Psychology, his REIN process and his work with children at rehabilitation school in Kbete.

Dr Kenley with live interview on their morning show in Nairobi (2013) on NTV, Kenya’s number one TV station, discussing energy psychology in general.