Dr Johnny Kenley                                       

                                                                                                                                                                                  is  an Energy Therapist and Practitioner. He is also a physician (having specialized in physical medicine for 25 years), an Applied Kinesiologist, and an acupuncturist (traditional & medical) for a similar number of years. His prior academic background comprises both under-graduate and graduate degrees in physics, mathematics, and business administration. He has since acquired a degree in human biology and a graduate degree in clinical human nutrition. His advanced certifications include post doctorate training with American College of Nutrition, with the Academy of Certified Nutritional Specialists, in Applied Kinesiology, in Visceral Manipulation, in Kinesiotaping, in Medical Acupuncture (Diplomat), in Manipulation Under Anesthesia, and in Energy Psychology and Neurolingustic Programming(NLP.) He has continually advanced his education by  securing ongoing formal training (while gaining acumen) in clinical hypnosis, counseling (with the Big Brother, VOA homeless shelters, women coming off welfare, prisoners as a jail chaplain), restorative justice, academic consulting/coaching, creative problem solving with school children—Odyssey of the Mind, EST, theological study for Deaconry, Cranial-Sacral therapy, Emotional Freedom Therapy, Thought Field Therapy, and Neuro-Emotive Technique. He is a meditator and teaches Kundalini meditation.

Dr. Johnny has had a varied  work life from a 12 year old onward. He has worked as a  dairy farmhand, auto mechanic, and even as a janitor. He has had employment as a college instructor, a research physicist, a machine-language computer programmer, tactical nuclear weapons analyst, a technical analyst and covert operative in intelligence services.

During his medical training he studied acupuncture and became proficient in  Traditional Chinese Medicine He later spent years  studying Applied Kinesiology and practiced in that manner.  Subsequently using all of his training and acumen he studied and became certificated in Energy Psychologist as an Energy Practitioner. His volunteering was continuous for the last 25 years in coaching,lay ministry, jail chaplaincy and his counseling work with the homeless.

In 2002, he suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of being run over by a truck while cycling immediately and forever changed both his awareness and his life’s direction.The 6 month loss of speech and short term memory were problematic ,but his reactive-rage response led him into self-isolation for almost 14 months.This created  a realization of what was really important in life. The subsequent 4 years of  daily neuro-cognitive rehabilitation in reading and re-reading almost 700 influential books of his library completed the  transformation and channeled his life in a wonderful direction of service. This led Dr. Johnny Kenley to spend the rest of his life exclusively doing medical volunteering in third world countries, beginning in 2006 and does so to this very day.

A chance meeting in 2011 at a National Conference reintroduced him to how he had previously been using Applied Kinesiology (and its interplay with acupuncture)  to treat the emotional aspects of a patient’s physical problems.How this had now evolved into and generated a new field called  Energy Psychology, to treat emotional issues by themselves…but, non cognitively.

Energized and intrigued, he rapaciously acquired training in Emotional Freedom Therapy, Thought Field Therapy, Neuro-Emotive Technique and advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming. And, at the same time,  he used these techniques, in conjunction with AK and acupuncture, in treating clients in India,Hong Kong, China, Tanzania , Kenya, Rwanda and the Philippines. He had the opportunity then to work on a method where clients could resolve there emotional issues by themselves. He developed his REIN process.

REIN was derived as a blend of the best aspects of all the above approaches. He has treated thousands of clients from as young as 7 years old in orphanages , to 87 years old , and  even in both girls and boys in reform schools. He refined his process and taught REIN to hundreds in workshops in China, India, Russia, Ukraine and Europe. In their learning his REIN process, they themselves were able to dissolve their own anxieties.

He has written “FREEDOM from ANXIETY” that details the seven step REIN process. He is currently bringing workshops and training to the United States for individuals, groups, and organizations, colleges, and businesses. He has just finished the manuscript on his new book “Erase Worry Rapidly” which will be available in the late summer of 2017.

His U.S. charitable nonprofit corporation, Global Medical Aid and Education, is the recipient of all book royalties and all revenue from workshops and speaking engagements.