REIN is a process  that can be learned by oneself, The book  FREEDOM from ANXIETY details all the seven (7) steps of this method. Additionally, there is a DVD and video download that is available for downloading. Every effort has been made to simplify, and  demystify each step. However, at times it becomes very useful to have a guide with  individual coaching sessions regarding the process or how the process could be applied. This can be live in person or via SKYPE.

Individual coaching regarding situational anxiety related to performance issues(academic, athletic-pro or amateur and  business) is also available.

Up to 2 individuals can be accommodated simultaneously via SKYPE at no additional cost; up to 5 individuals can be accommodated live in person , again with out additional cost.



Please contact Dr. Kenley  at 757.214.4800 or  for scheduling and for current rates.