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Understanding anxiety

  • What is anxiety anyway? Is anxiety like stress or tension or fear?
  • What 4 crucial aspects of your life are derailed by anxiety?
  • How prevalent is anxiety  worry and stress in the US? In the world?
  • How do most people feel about anxiety or stress?
  • What are some  criticalareas of your life are derailed by anxiety or worry?
  • Is being obsessive considered anxiety?
  • Is a panic attack anxiety? Are phobias?
  • What kinds of people are most affected by anxiety? Students, nurses, teachers, soldiers, brides, police?
  • Can certain jobs create anxiety?
  • Can a businessman or entrepreneur have success while living in anxiety?
  • How can anxiety or worry sabotage an amateur or pro athlete?
  • What are common ways people try to relieve their anxiety? Are they effective?
  • What is your REIN method for dissolving anxiety?
  • Why is being free from anxiety so important?
  • What can I gain by being free form stress worry and anxiety?

Myths about anxiety

  • Is anxiety genetic?
  • Is anxiety a mental disease?
  • Does “stinking thinking” cause anxiety? Does better thinking eliminate anxiety and worry?
  • Is anxiety caused by a chemical disorder?
  • Do you need to find the root cause of an anxiety issue to dissolve it?
  • Do positive thinking or affirmations help relieve  stress worry or anxiety?
  • Are meditation or mindfulness effective?

The REIN method for dissolving anxiety

  • How is the REIN method different from other treatments for anxiety?
  • Do you have an example of REIN dissolving anxiety about elevators, snakes and airplanes ?
  • Do you have an example of REIN eliminates anxiety regarding indecision?
  • Do you have an example of REIN extinguishing anxiety regarding fearing water ?
  • Do you have an example of REIN erasing anxiety regarding speaking & pitching?

These sampling of  media questions area only guideposts for any interviewer to move through an interview with Dr Kenley with ease in conjunction with what they may desire  for their audience.

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Anxiety Expert- Dr Johnny Kenley
Dr Johnny Kenley Anxiety Expert
Dr Johnny Kenley Anxiety Expert
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